It's In His Smile Bonus Material

Talmadge and Miranda’s History

Part 4 – College and Getting Famous


When Talmadge started to college, a whole new world opened up for him. He had no idea what green architecture was until he landed an internship in Seattle. From his first day on the job, he knew he’d specialize in environmental designs.

And the big companies and celebrities that came knocking on his office door had been an even bigger surprise. Within a few years, his name and his designs had appeared in major magazines and linked to high-profile building projects and pro bono work to improve living conditions in impoverished third world countries. He didn’t deserve the attention. Didn’t want it. But it seemed to come with the territory.

When the first hotel magnate hired Talmadge to design a renovation plan to bring his chain into the new age of green living, Talmadge was modestly flattered. With the job, came invitations and obligations for celebrity events, fundraisers, and ceremonies attended by the Who’s Who of Architecture. The hotel owner’s daughter, Bridget, latched on to Talmadge like they were already half way down the aisle. She was gorgeous, and famous because of reality TV…and nice.

Just nice. That’s all Talmadge felt about her, and that wasn’t enough.

Not to mention the fact that the disapproval in Bea’s voice grew thicker with each passing week that Talmadge and Bridget showed up on the cover of every gossip magazine in every supermarket in America. Red River, with all of its sheltering, and close-knit charm, couldn’t shield Bea from that kind of exposure.

So when his high school buddy, Cameron Lawson, called from Afghanistan and asked Talmadge to meet him in Red River the next month to be a groomsman in he and Lorenda’s wedding, Talmadge used that rare trip home to do some thinking about the direction his life had taken. He needed to regroup. Reflect. Recharge.

In his old room back in Red River, he spent two days doing just that. His life, his career—it wasn’t just about building things anymore, and he didn’t like it. It was time to think about finding a girl that shared the same values that his grandparents had instilled in him. Time to refocus and concentrate on what he loved most: building things that mattered. Time to take charge of his life again.