The Real Life Characters of Red River: Fritz Davis

The moment I met Fritz Davis at the Mountain Treasures Gallery In Red River, I knew he’d have interesting stories to tell. In a black beret, we talked over a cup of coffee for hours, and I found him one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. Originally from Witchita, Kansas, Fritz moved to Red River in 1989.

Fritz Davis at Mountain Treasures Gallery
Fritz Davis at Mountain Treasures Gallery

Besides his trademark beret, Fritz has worn many hats as a resident of the Red River Valley. Whether it’s entertaining both tourists and residents by playing with a group of musicians on the porch at Mountain Treasures on Sunday mornings, or his day job as a writer for the Red River Miner, or organizing some of the popular community events like Red River’s annual Mardi Gras celebration, Fritz is always hard at work. And his work is always something that benefits Red River.

Even though Red River incorporated in 1971, Fritz says what he loves most about his town is that it’s a community not a corporation. If you ever get the chance to visit Red River and meet Fritz in person, you can see that’s true in everything he does.

On page 198 of It’s In His Heart, the entire town rallies to bring food to Coop after he’s injured. What’s your favorite thing about small-town life?

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