The Real Life Characters of Red River: Ron Weathers

Ron Weathers is another of Red River’s most interesting residents. And as do most of the residents, Ron functions in several different capacities, each of his jobs helping to weave the close-knit community of Red River.

Ron Weathers - Mountain Mist Photography
Ron Weathers photographing the beauty of the Red River Valley

Ron held a corporate position with UPS until he moved to Red River in 1993. Now he is the owner and chief photographer for Mountain Mist Photograph. He takes live photos of skiers and snowboards on the slopes during ski season, and he holds a major position at Red River’s Chamber of Commerce.

There are sixteen major community events held each year in Red River, and Ron has sat on every committee for every event.

Two fictional charity events to benefit the Red River community are written into the story of It’s In His Heart. Can you name both of them?


Photo Courtesy of Mountain Mist Photography

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