A Taste of the Old West at Texas Reds

Smack dab in the middle of Red River’s Main Street is the infamous Texas Reds Steakhouse. Named after a nineteenth century outlaw that roamed the area when New Mexico still belonged to Texas, Reds still offers a nostalgic old west Texas Reds Steakhouseflare, friendly atmosphere and one of the best steaks in them there hills.

And after dinner, you can have a drink and listen to live music in the bar at The Lost Love Saloon right there inside of Reds. The local talent is amazing, and out of town acts will wow you all the more.

On page 88 of It’s In His HeartElla and Coop share a dance that sparks an attraction neither can ignore. How many of you like to scoot a boot? What song is sure to have you heading for the dance floor?

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