The Heart Of Red River

The heart of every small town is the people.Ron Weathers - Mountain Mist Photography

Many of the townsfolk showed up in Red River as tourists but found the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo mountains impossible to leave behind. Now Red River is their home, and this wonderfully quirky band of transplanted folks embody the pioneering spirit that is the very heartbeat of Red River.

A sense of belonging hangs in the crisp mountain air as the residents greet each other at the local watering hole, pick up mail at the post office, or stock up on a few groceries at Red River’s supermarket. Their lives intersect on a daily basis so a family-like thread runs through them all, connecting and twining them together. They laugh together, argue with each other, and band together in times of tragedy.

And secrets? Well, there aren’t any in a town of 475 year round residents.Ron Weathers - Mountain Mist Photography

On page 32 of It’s In His HeartElla’s faced with the challenge of keeping her profession a secret. How long do you think it would take to ‘out’ her in a town this size?


Photos courtesy of  Mountain Mist Photography



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