The Pulse Of Red River

Every town, no matter the size, has THE place where everything exciting happens. Red River – population 475 – is no different.

The pulse of this picturesque little town that’s nestled into the mountains of Ron Weathers - Mountain Mist Photographynorthern New Mexico is Main Street. No matter what time of day or night, Main Street has something to offer.

In the early morning, visit The Way Coffee! for a cup of joe, or stop at the Old Tymers Cafe for breakfast. When the afternoon sun takes the nip out of the air, take the kids to the Black Mountain Playhouse, stop in at the vacation-friendly public library, shop at the Main Street Mercantile, and catch one of the many activities taking place throughout the year in Brandenburg Park. And after dusk when the moon climbs high in the clear New Mexico sky, catch some line dancing at the Red River Community House, listen to live music at the Motherlode Saloon, and enjoy a glass of wine and a juicy steak at the infamous Texas Reds Steakhouse.

And guess what? All of these things are within walking distance! So put on Ron Weathers - Mountain Mist Photographycomfortable shoes, and take a stroll down Main Street where there’s always something going on.

On page 58 of It’s In His Heart, Ella starts to make friends with the townsfolk at the local watering hole, Cotton Eyed Joe’s. If you’ve visited Red River, what were your favorite locations? What activities did you enjoy the most?

If you haven’t been to Red River, then get busy and plan a trip! We’re waiting for you to join in the fun.

Photos Courtesy of Mountain Mist Photography


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