A Dog’s Life

Lola The Beauty Queen
Lola The Beauty Queen

Each installment of my Red River series features a different (and very comical – IMHO) canine character. My Golden Heart® finalist book, Love In Living Color, features a stubborn English bulldog named Winston. Winston is a character that keeps his reluctant master on her toes, and he falls helplessly in love with a boxer named Atlas.

Winston is a fictitious character that’s modeled after my own English bulldog. Meet Lola, my baby girl. Isn’t she a beauty queen? And just like Winston, Lola keeps me on my toes with her sassy personality, obstinance, wagging tongue and unfortunate gastric issues.

She brings laughter to my household every day, and we love her. She’s the daughter we never had.

Fan Girl Moments at RWA

Robin Perini – Author of Secret Obsession and Game of Fear

Okay, be honest… How many of you have stampeded the bookstores to buy your favorite author’s latest book on release day? That was me until eReaders came along.

The Romance Writers of America annual conference offers a myriad of opportunities to learn the craft of writing, marketing, social networking, and blogging. But the most exciting thing about RWA is the opportunity to meet the authors that fill my eReader and bookshelf and have them sign copies of their books while I act like a giddy fan.

This year I was a Golden Heart® finalist and was able to capture this fan girl moment with the fabulous Robin Perini – a seven time Golden Heart® Finalist and 2013 Rita® Finalist.

Simply put…it rocked!

The Best Medicine by Tracy Brogan

When I read a romance novel (and I read a lot of them), I look for witty dialogue, fresh humor,  and chemistry. The Best Medicine, another installment of Tracy Brogan’s Bell Harbor series, has all that and more. Her snappy writing shines, and the chemistry between Evelyn and Tyler kept me turning the pages well after my usual bedtime.

It’s a fun and breezy read.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I try to avoid sad, depressing movies and books as a rule. This is a side effect of cancer.

You see, I’m a cancer survivor, and every cancer survivor deals with the fear of the dreadful disease returning. Worries about what will become of the loved ones they’ll leave behind. Wonders if their mark on the world was big enough to be remembered. Assesses their life with regrets over mistakes, unfulfilled dreams, and what could be in the future if only they survive.

This is heavy stuff, and the reason I swore off wallowing in the cinematic and literary misery of woebegone characters.

However, The Fault In Our Stars was well worth the racking sobs that filled my bedroom as I read the book into the wee hours of the morning. I suffered little embarrassment as my loud, snotty sniffles echoed through the quiet movie theater, my husband making an extra run to the restroom for more tissues.

John Green ingeniously portrays the affect cancer has on its victim and on every single person in the victim’s life. Parents, a lover, close friends, distant acquaintances. They’re all touched by it, and each person processes the tragedy of it differently. Some become bitter, some prepare for it, some ignore it.

I won’t spoil it by giving away the ending, but I love it that Mr. Green allows the two characters to find a happy ending…in their own way.

Well done, Mr. Green.

Sixth Grave On The Edge by Darynda Jones

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has done it again. The sixth installment of her Charley Davidson series, Sixth Grave On The Edgedoesn’t disappoint. It’s full of  nail-biting intrigue, creepy ghosts that evoke a chuckle (or ten), family drama, angels and demons that play out her brilliant paranormal premise, and of course, the yummy Reyes Farrow whose otherworldly sensuality literally steams off the page.

Questions from previous installments are answered, while new mysteries are introduced. I simply can’t wait to find out who Mr. Wong really is. And will he meet Ms. Wight before the series ends? (Snort.)

A great read, no matter what genre you prefer.

To start at the beginning, here’s the entire series:


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