Romance Writers Are Simply Breathtaking

Romance writers from all over the U.S. took the challenge and participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). The GISHWHES goal is to improve communities around the world each year.

Shelly Alexander, Darynda Jones, Tamara Baumann
Shelly Alexander, Darynda Jones, Tamara Baumann

Tamara Baumann, a debut author with Montlake Romance, led the charge to make New Mexico a little brighter and a little safer by encouraging local romance writers to learn CPR. Her reason for picking this task: Romance writers who deal with broken hearts every day should know how to fix them!

We celebrated our certification in CPR at Tim’s Place, the world’s friendliest restaurant – open for breakfast, lunch and hugs. Tim brightens our community with his smile and his charm, so it was the perfect place to finish the scavenger hunt and discuss the heart of our profession – our breathtaking characters.


What’s The Story?

This is what I learned to type on. Or one like it, anyway.

My mother borrowed it from a friend when I was in high school, and I studied a typing textbook until I could bang away on the keys at eighty words per minute. When I took an actual typing class in eleventh grade and was assigned an electric typewriter, I scoffed at the archaic thing on my dining room table at home.

Typical teenager reaction when a new piece of technology is put in front of them.

Thirty years later, this beauty sits in a place of honor in my living room filled with other antiques. My buddy, Kim, gave it to me, and it belonged to her grandmother. (BTW, Kim is the inspiration behind the utterly hilarious Kimberly in the second installment of my Red River series.) This gorgeous piece and the others I’ve collected are a slice of history, and each has a story to tell.

If you could tell this particular antiques story, what would it be?


A Dog’s Life

Lola The Beauty Queen
Lola The Beauty Queen

Each installment of my Red River series features a different (and very comical – IMHO) canine character. My Golden Heart® finalist book, Love In Living Color, features a stubborn English bulldog named Winston. Winston is a character that keeps his reluctant master on her toes, and he falls helplessly in love with a boxer named Atlas.

Winston is a fictitious character that’s modeled after my own English bulldog. Meet Lola, my baby girl. Isn’t she a beauty queen? And just like Winston, Lola keeps me on my toes with her sassy personality, obstinance, wagging tongue and unfortunate gastric issues.

She brings laughter to my household every day, and we love her. She’s the daughter we never had.

Fan Girl Moments at RWA

Robin Perini – Author of Secret Obsession and Game of Fear

Okay, be honest… How many of you have stampeded the bookstores to buy your favorite author’s latest book on release day? That was me until eReaders came along.

The Romance Writers of America annual conference offers a myriad of opportunities to learn the craft of writing, marketing, social networking, and blogging. But the most exciting thing about RWA is the opportunity to meet the authors that fill my eReader and bookshelf and have them sign copies of their books while I act like a giddy fan.

This year I was a Golden Heart® finalist and was able to capture this fan girl moment with the fabulous Robin Perini – a seven time Golden Heart® Finalist and 2013 Rita® Finalist.

Simply put…it rocked!

The Best Medicine by Tracy Brogan

When I read a romance novel (and I read a lot of them), I look for witty dialogue, fresh humor,  and chemistry. The Best Medicine, another installment of Tracy Brogan’s Bell Harbor series, has all that and more. Her snappy writing shines, and the chemistry between Evelyn and Tyler kept me turning the pages well after my usual bedtime.

It’s a fun and breezy read.